English prepositions

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A free educational utilitity that teaches you English prepositions.

With a name that leaves nothing to your imagination to work out as to what its purpose is, English prepositions is an educational tool to help you learn and study the use of prepositions in the English language.

The English prepositions exercises are divided into a series of sections where you review some of the most common prepositions, and the meaning of some of them, via exercises where you have to place the preposition in the phrase, complete phrases where there is a preposition missing, etc. It also comes equipped with a complete list of all existing prepositions.

English prepositions runs in the MSDOS setting and is totally free.

This English prepositions program is very easy to download, install and then use, through its friendly and intuitive user interface. You don't need any technical experience at all to get the most out of it.

So there you have it. If you find yourself needing to practice your prepositions, whether you are a native speaker of English or not, then you need a program like this English prepositions. And best of all, as we've already mentioned as it's an important point, is that you can download it for free! What are you waiting for?

NOTE: This English prepositions program has been developed by two Spaniards, so is heavily oriented to Spanish speakers learning English.


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